English For Islamic Study


Penulis : Galih Pratama. Arjuna Pirmansyah


Cover : Soft Cover

Halaman : 246

Berat: 200 gr

Ukuran : 14 x 21


Islamic knowledge or Islamic Studies, including fields of study
that is quite old, and it has long developed and became one of the
disciplines science that developed quite rapidly in the 20th century
AD, even embryonic The discipline of Islamic studies has been
pioneered since the 13th century AD, after the War Cross. The study
of Islam was originally carried out by Westerners to research Islamic
teachings through the study of orientalism. Basically there are
several theories about development of this scientific discipline,
among others because of the connectivity of Islamic Studies with the
study of orientalism initiated by western scientists and sponsored by
the authorities West in the era of Western colonialism over the East,
to study religion and eastern culture by colonial rulers in order to
conquer the East, and in order to perpetuate their power over the
countries in Eastern region, especially Asian nations, more than that
the study of orientalism too full of hidden interests, namely the
spread of Christianity. Islamic terms Studies or later known as
“Dirasah Islamiyah” or “Islamic Studies”.

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